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Pricing is tailored to our clients specific needs

Pricings and plans range from single-use services to yearly retainers. Below are examples of current active plans.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Basic Social Media

    Perfect for small brands looking to build their socials
    Valid for one month
    • Four Instagram Post
    • Four Facebook Post
    • Two Blogs
  • Email Marketing

    Warm up your email list with our basic plan
    Valid for one month
    • Three Emails A Month - Newsletters
    • Welcome Email Layout
  • Advanced Marketing

    Perfect for our longterm clients. Full time.
    Valid for one year
    • Six social post a month - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc
    • Two emails a week - including drip and automation set up
    • Three blog post a Month
    • Monthly Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram ads
    • Weekly check in
    • And More!
  • Single Newsletter

    Perfect for small brands wanted to stay connected
    Valid for one month
    • One blog post
  • Basic Monthly Plan

    Valid for one month
    • Eight social post - Fb, Linkedin, Instagram, Etc.
    • Weekly paid ads
    • Two emails a week
    • Weekly blog post
    • And more!
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