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Why Choose Korea for Hair Transplants?

As male pattern baldness runs rampant across the U.S. population, more and more people are searching for a solution to this commonplace issue. Unfortunately, seeking treatment in the United States comes with an exorbitant price tag; that’s why American men have begun to turn to South Korea’s Medical Korea for all their urgent hair transplant needs, receiving high quality care abroad at a fraction of the cost.

Breaking Down America’s Hair Loss Problem

By the age of 20, a startling one in five American men will have begun experiencing hair loss; up that threshold to the age of 50 and the statistics increase to four in every five men hit by male pattern baldness. While balding seems to be altogether inevitable, it doesn’t make the pain of losing locks any easier; thinning hair is directly correlated to lower rates of confidence and courage, and subsequently, lowers late-in-life potential.

“Long thick hair during ancient times was a symbol of masculinity and vitality, so it makes sense that men are psychologically affected by hair loss nowadays as well,” revealed Doctor Nikola Djordjevic. “Hair loss symbolizes aging and debility, which is why I think that men start feeling more depressed as their hair starts falling out.”

As such, hair transplants have become a sought-after fix for American men to fix this widespread hair loss, reorienting them toward regaining self confidence in both the personal and professional worlds post-op.

Why Choose Korea for Hair Transplants?

As one of the premier destinations for medical tourists, South Korea offers a cost to quality ratio for hair transplants unparalleled by the United States. Within the United States, hair transplants are nearly always in the five figure range and can surpass the $20,000 range; in South Korea, hair transplants can be performed for less than a third of the price but with similarly impressive results and an estimated hair transplant rate of 98%. As a cosmetic procedure, U.S. health insurance won’t cover the treatment, making Medical Korea’s out-of-pocket pricing even more attractive.

South Korea prides itself on hosting a high number of Asia’s best medical personnel within its borders, giving Medical Korea’s international patients access to some of the world’s premier doctors. Bolstered by South Korea’s constantly innovating technological sector, patients are given the unrivaled opportunity to be treated with the most up-to-date care and machinery of the present day during their hair transplant procedures, particularly when compared with other advanced countries. In fact, Medical Korea was the first clinic in the world to perform follicle implant procedures and hair implants without making an incision

With every aspect of the medical voyage deftly handled from the moment of arrival to time of departure by Medical Korea, achieving the full head of hair of your dreams is both easier and more cost-efficient than ever before. The results speak for themselves; international hair transplant patients are visiting South Korea for treatment at a rate that’s increasing 51 percent every year.

To find out more, visit Medical Korea’s website today for further information.

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