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About Us

Founded by Elizabeth Schreiber

Led by founder and CEO Elizabeth Schreiber, Elevated Marketing NYC has already made an international impact in its first year thanks to Elizabeth’s personal expertise and leadership skills. Bolstered by her degree in Media and Cultural Studies from New York City’s The New School, Elizabeth’s passion and drive quickly earned herself the role of Marketing Strategist at Gramercy Labs, a knowledgeable skill set she brings deeply into Elevated Marketing NYC’s own niche approach to marketing.


With clients ranging from healthcare to retail, Elizabeth personally creates and implements carefully crafted marketing plans designed around her patrons’ individualized goals. Elizabeth’s background in fashion and interior design gives Elevated Marketing NYC a creative edge that sets it apart from the competition, with the positive results speaking for themselves; Elevated Marketing NYC and its in-house team has grown by multiples in its first year of since foundation.


Meticulous attention to detail is another value held highly at Elevated Marketing NYC, as our specially curated team uses market research, forward-looking data and a company-wide passion to bring forth the best possible results for each client. This hands-on approach likewise allows for full flexibility, actively helping navigate our clients through unexpected changes and seamlessly adapting our marketing tactics for guaranteed success, no matter the twists and turns life brings with it.


Featuring an extensive range of services from paid media, customer engagement strategies, social media strategy and content engagement, Elevated Marketing NYC is dedicated to making our clients flourish long-term, increasing their consumer base and establishing their reputation as industry leaders.

Our Clients

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